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2024 MDCVSA National Cup Competitions

Registration is OPEN for our 2024 MDCVSA National Cup Qualifiers
Entry fee is $350 per team, and DEADLINE to enter is COB January 16, 2024
Reserve your spot now VIA the Google Form, Link below:

2024 Cup Entry Form

The 2024 MDCVSA National Cup Qualifiers will be hosted by the American Premier (APL), and will take place from January 27, 2024 until March 3, 2024 in Northern Virginia.

The winners of these competitions will be considered the 2024 MDCVSA Champions in their respective divisions. The purpose of these competitions will be to determine the state association representatives to the 2024 USASA National Cups, starting in the Region I Tournament.

Competitions will be held in the following divisions, they are:

• Men's Amateur: open competition for all players & teams.
• Men's Over 30: competition for all 30+ (born 1992 or before) players & teams.
• Men's Over 40: competition for all 40+ (born 1982 or before) players & teams.

*Tournament format will be finalized after the registration deadline on January 16, 2024*

*All team managers, coaches, and players are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations governing the State and National Cups competitions, especially with regards to deadlines and suspension*

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Grant Program

Metropolitan DC-Virginia Soccer Association (“MDCVSA”) Grant Programs

The MDCVSA grant program is designed to provide member leagues with financial assistance, to help maintain and grow affiliated adult soccer leagues and affiliated competitions.

Step 1:  Eligibility Requirements/What We Can Fund:

Applications may be submitted by any member league that is: (a) in good standing; and (b) has been an MDCVSA affiliated league for at least two consecutive years prior to the date of the application.  Applications from non-member organizations, individuals, or from members that are not in good standing will not be accepted for review.  A maximum of $2,500 per applicant will be awarded unless otherwise authorized by the Executive Committee.

All grant requests must be for activities that the applicant can demonstrate:  (a) will provide support to the affiliated league with player retention and/or growth, (b) will result in the availability of additional affiliated competitions; or (c) will otherwise promote the growth of existing MDCVSA affiliated leagues or affiliation with the MDCVSA in general.

The types of eligible activities for which grants may be requested should not include typical league overhead expenses, but could include things like:

  • expenses for referee assessment and development;

  • player retention and recruitment;

  • marketing, marketing materials, equipment, and advertising, including social media;

  • registration support;

  • inter-league competitions; and

  • any other activity not listed that furthers the league's growth.

Note that the MDCVSA maintains a separately budgeted line item for tournament subsidy requests.  Requests for tournament subsidies should continue to be made using the tournament subsidy application form.  The MDCVSA also offers the Give Back program for leagues based upon the size of the league and the length of MDCVSA membership.

Step 2:  Submitting the Application:

If the applicant meets our funding criteria, the applicant must submit a complete application using the link on our website.

The Grant application deadline for FY 2024 is August 1, and applications must be submitted through our online application system, no later than 5:00 p.m. on that date.  No faxes or emails will be accepted.

Applicants may submit one application within a 12-month period.  For example, if an application is submitted for the August 1 deadline, the applicant must wait until the following August 1 deadline to submit another application.

Step 3: The Review and Funding Decision:

Applicants will receive notification verifying receipt of their application.  Each application will be given careful consideration.  If necessary, MDCVSA representatives may schedule meetings with, or request information from, prospective applicants.  Not all grant requests are considered immediately at the next Executive Committee meeting following their submission; and some requests may be carried over to the subsequent grant cycle.  To ensure that each application is given fair consideration, the review and funding decision process may take two to eight weeks from the time the application was submitted, so applicants are encouraged to submit a request well in advance of the proposed event/function.

All applicants will receive written notification regarding funding decisions.  In an effort to ensure the broadest response to the needs of its members, the MDCVSA policy requires applicants to submit applications annually regardless of any prior funding.

The issuance of a grant is discretionary and is not a right.  The Executive Committee will have the sole discretion to approve, deny, or approve with conditions any grant application. If a grant application is approved, or approved with conditions, the MDCVSA will notify the applicant of the grant amount, approved expenses, and any conditions that are placed on the grant.  The MDCVSA reserves the right to determine how and when approved grant funds will be distributed, what verification may be required for the reimbursement of expenses, and to require that MDCVSA promotional materials be displayed.  This list of conditions is not exclusive.  The MDCVSA also reserves the right to ask an applicant for any information that it deems necessary to the review and funding decision.

Step 4:  Reporting Requirements:

Once approved, grantees must submit interim and final reports as described in their grant agreement, VIA the Grant Reimbursement Form.  The MDCVSA reserves the right to request additional information from any grantee at any time after the grant is approved. 

Deadline For Reimbursement:

A grant applicant must submit verification documentation AND request reimbursement no later than (a) sixty (60) calendar days after the funded activity was completed, or (b) by November 30th, whichever date is earlier.  Failure to comply with this deadline could result in the applicant forfeiting the right to receive the grant/reimbursement.


Grant application deadline for FY 2024 is August 1, 2024 and applications must be submitted through our online application system, no later than 5:00 p.m. on that date.  No faxes or emails will be accepted.

A maximum of $2,500 per applicant will be awarded unless otherwise authorized by the Executive Committee.
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