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FAQ #1:  I want to get on a team in the MDCVSA. How can I do that?
The MDCVSA is not a league. It is the state-level organizing body for adult amateur soccer in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia. The MDCVSA's authority is derived from its affiliation with the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and United States Soccer Federation, Inc. (USSF), which is affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). A listing of the MDCVSA's member leagues can be found under the link, "Affiliated Leagues", on our home page. Almost all leagues listed has a link directly to their website. There are many leagues to chose from, Men's, Women's, and Coed, with help pages on how to join.

FAQ #2  Does the MDCVSA allow underage (U18-youth players) to participate in one of their member leagues?
Answer: NO
Due to the extensive new Safe Sport requirements, mandated by the USSF, we only allow adult players age 18 and above. (Link to read about Safe Sport Requirements, please click here: Safe Sport INFO)
FAQ #3: 
 Does the MDCVSA run any tournaments?
The only tournaments that the MDCVSA conducts are its state championships, also know as MDCVSA State Cups. The MDCVSA sets money aside in the budget to host the following competitions: Men's Open, Men's Over 40 (Veterans Cup), Coed and Women's. The MDCVSA also sponsors tournaments run by its member leagues. For a listing of sponsored tournaments, please go to the "Events" link, on our home page.

FAQ #4:  As a member league, can we apply to Host a Tournament, and what are the procedures?
To host an affiliated/sanctioned tournament in MDCVSA territory, leagues must adhere to the guidelines listed below.This agreement is intended for situations where the organizer is hosting an inter-league tournament, i.e. teams participating from multiple leagues.(NOTE: if the organizer is hosting an intra-league tournament, i.e. participating players are all currently registered in the same league, there is no requirement to submit an application to MDCVSA. However, the organizer does need to verify all players are currently registered, check player passes and follow guidelines set forth by MDCVSA for regular league play.) The following items must be submitted, along with a $25 processing fee (for a returning tournament) OR a$100 processing fee (for a new tournament), to MDCVSA no later than 120 days in advance of the proposed date(s) of the event. 
1) Application to host a tournament along with a signed copy of the hosting agreement.
2) Proposed copy of tournament rules for the event. 
3) Proposed copy of the affiliation guidelines which outlines the process for verification of players from other leagues/states. 
At a minimum, affiliation guidelines must outline the following: 
1)Player affiliation/guest player registration
2)Roster verification process/player passes
3) Registration/tournament check-in
Please send it via email to: [email protected], and [email protected]
As well as the hard copy, via snail mail to:
c/o State Administrator MaryBeth Falk
1357 Carolyn Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

FAQ #5 My team is attending one of the USASA National events, does the MDCVSA teams offer any assistance?
In order to encourage MDCVSA teams to represent the Association at regional and national events, the Association offers a travel subsidy in accordance with the policy laid out below. This funding is intended to offset team travel costs to attend these out of state events.In instances where a USASA Cup tournament is held in the MDCVSA area (i.e. Virginia and the District of Columbia), this policy will not be available to teams.

To be eligible for the travel subsidy, any MDCVSA affiliated team competing in an USASA Cup event (USASA Adult Soccer Festival,  and the
regional and national level of the USASA National Cups) and who have a roster of at least 75% MDCVSA affiliated teams must contact the State Association within three weeks of the tournament requesting the subsidy. Teams meeting the 75% requirement will receive the full subsidy amount determined during the annual budget process. For 2022, this amount is $500.

For those teams who meet at least 50% but not 75% of the MDCVSA roster registration, they may receive a proportional subsidy (that is the amount equal to the percentage of MDCVSA players on their roster) from whatever funds are left over after payment to those teams meeting the 75% threshold. 

Team requests should be sent to the MDCVSA State Administrator via email at:  [email protected] 
Please include the name of the person to whom the check should be made out to and the address to which the check should be sent. Upon verification of attendance and participation at the tournament event, the MDCVSA Treasurer will send a check to the individual specified in the request.
FAQ #6:  My team is going to travel to an out-of-state tournament. The tournament director says that we need "Travel Papers" to participate. What are these and how do I get them?
"Travel Papers" are authorization from your USASA state association - in this case the MDCVSA - to enter a USASA sanctioned tournament. The "Travel Papers" certify that all of your players are registered with USASA. You would need to do the following: Convert the roster to a Microsoft Excel file, by using the form:
Send the Excel file to the State Administrator, Mary Beth Falk at [email protected]
The State Administrator will verify the player list, then, if all the players are properly registered, the MDCVSA will issue the travel letter. The MDCVSA will attach the list of the players that have been verified to the travel letter.

FAQ #7: What are the benefits of joining the MDCVSA? Why should I consider joining an affiliated league? As a league administrator, why should I consider affiliating my league with MDCVSA?
Many local soccer leagues have decided to join the Metropolitan D.C.-Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA). The MDCVSA is a State Association, and is a member of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).  In turn, the USASA is a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). A number of administrative bodies work together towards the overall development of soccer within the United States.
Support for Recreational Leagues, Teams, and Players
What about those recreational adult players who don't want to compete at the professional or international level? How does the MDCVSA benefit these players? To help league managers, the MDCVSA State Association provides liability insurance, which covers up to $2 million in damages. This is important piece-of-mind coverage for all league and team managers.The State Association also provides secondary medical insurance to uninsured and under insured players, with a $500 deductible for primary: $2500 for secondary, 70% usual and customary with a $10k maximum.
 The majority of your membership fees goes to providing this important medical coverage.The State Association supports one of the best State Referee Programs in the country. The State Referee Program offers training for new officials (and there's always a shortage of officials), and provides assessments and advancement opportunities for experienced officials. Should you ever have a case of referee abuse or referee assault in your league, you can turn to the MDCVSA to handle the disciplinary hearing for your player -- and any enforcement actions would carry state-wide for that player. In that capacity, the MDCVSA protect the interests of the referees, leagues and players.The State Association actively supports our affiliated tournaments. In addition, we regularly sponsor the MDCVSA State Cup competition and run the in-state qualifying for the USASA National Cups. Affiliated players are also eligible to participate in the Select Team program. Finally, the State Association works to promote friendship and consistency across its member leagues, players, and teams. Through this impartial governing body,teams and leagues can participate in a legitimate appeals process.

2024 MDCVSA National Cup Competitions

Registration is OPEN for our 2024 MDCVSA National Cup Qualifiers
Entry fee is $350 per team, and DEADLINE to enter is COB January 16, 2024
Reserve your spot now VIA the Google Form, Link below:

2024 Cup Entry Form

The 2024 MDCVSA National Cup Qualifiers will be hosted by the American Premier (APL), and will take place from January 27, 2024 until March 3, 2024 in Northern Virginia.

The winners of these competitions will be considered the 2024 MDCVSA Champions in their respective divisions. The purpose of these competitions will be to determine the state association representatives to the 2024 USASA National Cups, starting in the Region I Tournament.

Competitions will be held in the following divisions, they are:

• Men's Amateur: open competition for all players & teams.
• Men's Over 30: competition for all 30+ (born 1992 or before) players & teams.
• Men's Over 40: competition for all 40+ (born 1982 or before) players & teams.

*Tournament format will be finalized after the registration deadline on January 16, 2024*

*All team managers, coaches, and players are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations governing the State and National Cups competitions, especially with regards to deadlines and suspension*

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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